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Subtitled Educational Video for Middle School

Subtitled Curriculum-based Videos that enable middle school students to study at their own speed and improve their Reading & Literacy Skills ...at the same time!

This page contains a complete list of all Middle School curriculum Subjects and Topics for which we provide subtitled educational video and the link to each video title.

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+  Art
+  Biology
+  Biological Sciences
+  The Drama of Reproduction
+  Health
+  Hygene Adolescence And Sex Education
+  Communicable Diseases
+  From Boy to Man
+  From Girl to Woman
+  Non Communicable Diseases
+  History
+  19th Century World History
+  The Ideas of Karl Marx
+  20th Century World History
+  Causes of World War I
+  Causes of World War II
+  My Brothers Keeper
+  History Through Literature
+  Library Skills
+  Library Tools
+  Using The Almanac
+  Using The Atlas
+  Using The Dictionary
+  Using The Encyclopedia
+  Literature
+  European Literature
+  Science Fiction and Fantasy
+  The Ancient World and The Renaissance
+  History Through Literature
+  The History of American Literature
+  After The Great War and The Lost Generations Many Voices
+  Power and Alienation and Into The Eighties
+  The Literature of a Nation Divided and The American Renaissance
+  The Time Life and Works of Ernest Hemingway
+  The Time Life and Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne
+  The History of British Literature
+  Early English Literature and Development of English Drama
+  Shakespeares Theatre And Stage Production
+  The 17th and 18th Centuries and Development of the English Novel
+  The Time Life and Works of Charles Dickens
+  The Time Life and Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
+  The Writing Series
+  Analytical Expository Writing
+  Imaginative Narrative Writing
+  Practical Informative Writing
+  Sensory Descriptive Writing
+  Women in Literature
+  Mathematics
+  Algebra
+  Algebraic Long Division
+  Multiplying Expressions, Factoring and Imaginaery Numbers
+  Solving Inequalities
+  Systems of Equations
+  Calculus
+  AP Calculus BC Exams 2008 Part 2
+  Exponential Growth
+  Inflection Point and Concavity Intuition
+  Introduction to Differential Equations
+  Maxima Minima Slope Intuition
+  Mean Value Theorem
+  Monotonicity Theorem
+  Differential Equations
+  Linear Algebra
+  Dot and Cross Product Comparison
+  Introduction to Vectors
+  Matrix Vector Products
+  Music
+  Religious Studies
+  Christianity And Other Spiritual Beliefs
+  Religions Of The World
+  Science
+  Junior Science
+  Clouds and What They Mean
+  Gymnosperms and Angiosperms
+  How Plants are Classified
+  Introduction to The Compound Microscope
+  The Five Senses