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Visual Learning + Subtitled Education Video = Improved Learning Outcome

Using the world's largest and most comprehensive library of fully subtitled education video currently available online, Zane Education provides a highly effective and unequalled online visual learning solution using curriculum-based educational video, interactive quizzes, video study tools and free lesson plans.

Nearly 2,000 curriculum-based education videos and a quiz database of over 23,000 curriculum-based multiple-choice questions provides online learning for 11 different subjects and more than 260 curriculum topics for K-12 grades. And more material and resources are being added all the time.

Schools, teachers, home educators, tutors, students, special needs and gifted children, and students learning ESL across the United States and in other countries are using Zane Education's on-demand Visual Learning solution in their homes and classrooms as a valuable and trusted teaching resource.

This is a world-class online learning solution of exceptional affordibility with subscription prices starting as low as just US$8.99 per month.

However the main reason for Zane Educations rapidly increasing popularity is because it caters for the widest range of children's preferred learning styles. With the inclusion of purpose-developed subtitles (closed captions) on each video, every child is given the choice to watch, listen to, or read each video presentation. Given this option, each child has the opportunity to process information in their preferred and most effective manner.

The most important and unique features of Zane Education’s Visual Learning solution include:

  • All of the video and quiz content has been developed specifically for the teaching for the school curriculumand K-12 Grades.
  • Visual Learning provides and caters effectively for virtually every learning style - and level of ability.
  • Unlike all other education video providers, Zane Education has purposely provided dedicated subtitles on each of their videos. Research over the last 30 years has firmly established the link between the use of subtitles on video has the ability to significantly improve reading and literacy skills. As a result Zane Education currently offers the ONLY online learning service to enable each child to study and learn each curriculum topic AND improve their reading and literacy skills - AT THE SAME TIME. And this is The Missing Piece© that you will read about on this website.
  • The use of video as an educational tool enables all children to study at their own speed - and thereby achieve their greatest potential.


Zane’s online visual learning solution is extremely beneficial for all children and students of all ages - especially where reading difficulties or Dyslexia are involved. However it also excels at, and should be considered as being the essential online learning solution for virtually all Special Needs children.


Students studying English as a Second Language also use this service to benefit and assist their school studies as it enables them to see, hear and read how English words are spelt, pronounced and spoken, then understand the context in which they are used. This overcomes the problems they often encounter with words seldom used outside the classroom and which often reflect on the levels they are able to achieve at school.


Other children use this service specifically as a resource to improve their reading and literacy skills. Using the video subtitles for this purpose also contributes to a far greater retention of the information being studied.


The flexibility of this visual learning solution is so great that a range of free User Guides are provided to enable parents, teachers and students better understand the many ways in which these resources can be used to benefit individual needs and requirements. These User Guides are available for download on the Downloads page.


Zane Education provides the use of this online visual learning service using a subscription system. It offers a choice of Memberships from a free Basic Membership which provides users access to all their free Maths video, free use of all the quizzes for the 260 topics, and demo versions of the videos teaching all of their 260 topics. To use the full versions of Zane's online subtitled videos requires a very cost-effective subscription upgrade to a choice of Gold, Silver or Bronze Memberships enabling the user to use all of the videos from as little as $8.99 per month., or choose per subject or per grade. Membership options can be viewed on the Membership page.


School subscriptions are approved on a quoted basis depending on the number of students at the school. For further information teachers should review their choices on the Teachers page, and Schools will see their options on the Schools page.


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Members Receive
  • Over 1500 Educational Videos
  • 260 Interactive Quizzes
  • Detailed Lesson Plans
  • Study Tools

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