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The Solar System video

Video title: The Solar System

Use this Science and The Universe video entitled The Solar System for kids to study and learn about the prominent features of the Sun and the planets that make up our Solar System.

Learn about The Solar System.


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The Solar System video. Learning Objectives for this video:

  • What is a Solar System. Learn about The Solar System. Learn how planets and stars are born, and explore comets, meteors, galaxies, black holes, and the big bang theory.
  • Learn the fundamental principles of astronomy.
  • Discover why many people during the times of Copernicus and Galileo wanted to believe that the Earth was the center of the universe and not that the Earth revolved around the sun.
  • Identify the prominent features of the Sun and the planets.
  • Consider the big bang theory and the origin of the universe. Investigate the historical and theoretical origins of space travel.
  • Discover the many benefits of using online video for visual learning. Educational video for teaching the K-12 curriculum provides online learning for children and students of all ages and abilities. Using subtitled video - or video with closed captions - enables children to choose between watching, listening to, or reading each presentation whichever best suites their individual learning style. A wonderful option particularly for dyslexia and special needs education.

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