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History of Art in The Renaissance - Part One

Video title: The Age and its Art Part 1

Watch this video The Age of The Renaissance and it's Art Part 1. Study the History of Art through the art, artists and artistic works of The Renaissance

Explore the richness of the Renaissance, the golden age that rediscovered the greatness of Greco-Roman Art. Learn about the entrepreneurs of the era, like the Medici's, the rise of commissioned portraits, the era's great discoverers and the wealth and power of the Popes. Gain an insight into the Renaissance world.


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History of Art in The Renaissance - Part One. Learning Objectives for this video:

  • Art from the Renaissance. Learn about The History of Art and The Renaissance. Explain how the humanist philosophy and literature of ancient Greece and Rome shaped Renaissance culture.
  • Learn Renaissance ideals and the vitality of the era, as exemplified by entrepreneurs such as the Medicis and increasing trade relations and travel to distant lands.
  • Gain insight to the cultural significance of commissioned portraits.
  • Identify characteristics of Renaissance art, such as the celebration of youth, a belief in the dignity of the individual, an interest in the scientific observation of nature and the study of human anatomy, and the use of perspective and models familiar to the artist.
  • Name prominent Renaissance artists, including Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael, and identify some of their famous works of art.
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