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Great Works of Art: The Merode Altarpiece

Video title: Merode Altarpiece

Watch this video about The Merode Altarpiece - recognized as being one of the worlds Great Works of Art from the 15th Century.

Learn about the life and times of Robert Campin, the father of early Flemish art, also known as the Master of the Merode Altarpiece and the Master of Flemalle. Examine the Merode Altarpiece, also known as the Merode Triptych, and analyze the different characters in the painting and the disguised symbolism it contains. With this title you will look at the different devices Campin used, such as color, mood, line, seemingly irrational perspective, light and it's reflections, light and shadow to tell his story.


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Great Works of Art: The Merode Altarpiece. Learning Objectives for this video:

  • Campin Merode Altarpiece. Learn about The Merode Altarpiece. Increase your understanding of art and its interpretation of life through the spiritual works of the Merode Altarpiece.
  • See how Robert Campin-s Merode Altarpiece made the Annunciation a miracle with which fifteenth-century Flemings could identify.
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