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Quiz on Great Works of Art

This online quiz on great works of art allows elementary, middle and high school students and children to test their knowledge of some of the most important and famous art and artists that created them

This online quiz on famous art and artists titled the Great Works of Art Quiz enables elementary, middle and high school students, children and teachers to test themselves on the history of some of the greatest works of art and the famous artists that created them.

Use this Great Works of Art Quiz to test your knowledge about your understanding of art and its interpretation of life through three spiritual works of art: Chartres Cathedral, a masterpiece of High Gothic architecture; the Arena Chapel of Giotto, whose frescoes helped to breathe new life into traditional Christian symbols and to usher in the Italian Renaissance; and the Merode Altarpiece, which stirred 15th century Flemings with its beauty and mysterious symbolism.

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Great Works Of Art1