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Curriculum-based elementary school quizzes that enable students to test their knowledge, and continue learning ...at the same time!

This page contains a complete list of all Elementary curriculum Subjects and Topics for which we provide quizzes and the link to each quiz.

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+  Geography
+  Elementary World Geography
+  Lollipop Dragon Explores Communities
+  US Geography
+  Alaska and Hawaii
+  Florida
+  Texas
+  The Land and Its People
+  The Midwest
+  The North East
+  The Rockies
+  The South East
+  The South West
+  The West
+  History
+  African American History
+  A Cultural Heritage
+  The Struggle for Equal Rights
+  The Struggle for Freedom
+  American Pioneering Experience
+  Covered Wagons and Westward Expansion
+  Daniel Boone and the American Pioneering Experience
+  Mountain Men and Gold Seekers
+  Ohio Boatmen and the Pioneering Farmers
+  Old Texas and the Trail Drivers
+  Elementary American History
+  Becoming a Nation
+  Expanding The Nation
+  Exploring and Colonizing
+  Staying One Nation
+  Elementary World History
+  Cradles of Civilization
+  Exploring Ancient Egypt
+  The Greek and Roman World
+  Native American History
+  Agricultural Indians of Texas
+  Texas Buffalo Hunters and Warriors
+  The First Americans The PaleoIndians
+  Library Skills
+  Library Tools
+  Using The Almanac
+  Using The Atlas
+  Using The Dictionary
+  Using The Encyclopedia
+  Literature
+  Myths And Legends
+  African Arabic Celtic and Norse Mythologies
+  Greek Mythology 1
+  Greek Mythology 2
+  The Voyages of Ulysses and Aeneas
+  Religious Studies
+  Christianity And Other Spiritual Beliefs
+  Christianity and Civilization
+  Religions Of The World
+  Science