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Use these free online college quizzes with questions and answers for middle school, high school and college students and teachers to test their knowledge of topics and subjects that form part of their college courses.

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+  Art
+  Art And Music
+  The Eighteenth Century
+  The Medieval Era
+  The Renaissance
+  The Twentieth Century
+  Great Works Of Art
+  Great Works Of Art 1
+  Great Works Of Art 2
+  History Through Art
+  Ancient Rome
+  Native American and Colonial Art
+  Native American Rock Art of the Southwest
+  The Art Of Seeing
+  The Enlightenment
+  The Middle Ages
+  The Pre Modern Era
+  The Renaissance
+  The Twentieth Century
+  Biology
+  Animal Classification
+  Classification of Simple Organisms and Invertebrates
+  How Animals Are Classified
+  The Classification of Vertebrates
+  Biological Sciences
+  Biochemistry 1
+  Biochemistry 2
+  Biomes 1
+  Biomes 2
+  Botany
+  Cell Biology 1
+  Cell Biology 2
+  Ecosystems
+  Evolution
+  Genetics
+  Heredity
+  Introduction to Vertebrates
+  Plant Anatomy
+  The Drama of Reproduction
+  The Five Kingdoms of Life
+  The Structure of the Cell
+  Study of The Animal Kingdom
+  Amphibians and Reptiles
+  Birds Cranes to Passerines
+  Birds Ostriches to Guinea Fowl
+  Insects Springtails through Wasps and Bees
+  Mammals Canids to Sheep
+  Mammals Echidna to Whales
+  Molluscs Segmented Worms and Minor Phyla
+  Noninsect Arthropods and Echinoderms
+  Sponges Anemones Corals and Flatworms
+  Urochordates Craniata and Fish
+  Health
+  Hygene Adolescence And Sex Education
+  Communicable Diseases
+  From Boy to Man
+  From Girl to Woman
+  Labor And Delivery For Teens
+  Non Communicable Diseases
+  History
+  19th Century World History
+  Nineteenth Century Nationalism
+  The 1848 Revolutions
+  The Ideas of Karl Marx
+  The Napoleonic Era
+  The Victorian Era
+  20th Century World History
+  Causes of World War I
+  Causes of World War II
+  Fascist Dictatorships
+  My Brothers Keeper
+  The Russian Revolution
+  Twentieth Century Nationalism
+  American History
+  Discovering American History
+  Government by the People
+  Jacksonian Democracy
+  Reconstruction
+  Social Reform Movements
+  The American Journey
+  The American West
+  The Civil War
+  The Great Depression
+  US Foreign Policy 1 1788-1933
+  US Foreign Policy 2 1933-1963
+  US Government 1783-1865
+  US Government 1866-1977
+  World History
+  Columbus and the Age of Discovery
+  Discovering World History
+  Imperialism
+  The French Revolution
+  The Industrial Revolution
+  The Making of the German Nation
+  The Rise and Fall of the British Empire
+  The Scientific Revolution
+  The Thirty Years War
+  The Western Heritage
+  Literature
+  European Literature
+  Science Fiction and Fantasy
+  The Ancient World and The Renaissance
+  The Enlightenment and The Twentieth Century
+  History Through Literature
+  Civilization and Writing
+  Industry and Enlightenment
+  New Worlds And New Ideas
+  Renaissance And Reformation
+  Romanticism And Revolution
+  The Early 20th Century
+  The Early Middle Ages
+  The Late 20th Century
+  The Late Middle Ages
+  The Victorian Era
+  The World in Greek Times
+  The World in Roman Times
+  Literature as Art
+  Understanding Biographies
+  Understanding Drama
+  Understanding Poetry
+  Understanding Short Fiction
+  The History of American Literature
+  After The Great War and The Lost Generations Many Voices
+  Power and Alienation and Into The Eighties
+  The Literature of a Nation Divided and The American Renaissance
+  The Literature of the Colonies and The Revolution
+  The Time Life and Works of Ernest Hemingway
+  The Time Life and Works of Henry David Thoreau
+  The Time Life and Works of Nathaniel Hawthorne
+  The Time Life and Works of Walt Whitman
+  The History of British Literature
+  Early English Literature and Development of English Drama
+  Shakespeares London
+  Shakespeares Theatre And Stage Production
+  The 17th and 18th Centuries and Development of the English Novel
+  The Late Victorians to World War 1 and World War 2
+  The Romantic Era and Victorian Literature
+  The Time Life and Works of Charles Dickens
+  The Time Life and Works of Geoffrey Chaucer
+  The Time Life and Works of Thomas Hardy
+  The Time Life and Works of William Shakespeare
+  The Time Life and Works of William Wordsworth
+  The Writing Series
+  Great Themes From the Classics
+  Short Story Writing
+  Women in Literature
+  Heroines Sirens Shrews
+  Novelists Playwrights Poets
+  Music
+  Art And Music
+  The Eighteenth Century
+  The Medieval Era
+  The Renaissance
+  The Twentieth Century
+  History of Music
+  American Folk Music
+  History of Jazz
+  Music and Culture
+  Romanticism to Contemporary
+  The Art of Listening
+  Through the Classical Period
+  Music Appreciation
+  Appreciating the Orchestra
+  Dynamics And Tone
+  Instruments of the Symphony Orchestra
+  Making Music with The Symphony Orchestra
+  Rhythm And Melody
+  Religious Studies
+  Christianity And Other Spiritual Beliefs
+  Christianity and Civilization
+  Religions Of The World
+  Science
+  Junior Science
+  Clouds and What They Mean
+  Details of Weather and Climate
+  Gymnosperms and Angiosperms
+  How Plants are Classified
+  Introducing Oceanography
+  Introduction to The Compound Microscope
+  Simple Photosynthetic Organisms: From Algae to Ferns
+  The Amazing Coral Reef
+  The Five Senses
+  Understanding Weather and Climate
+  The Sciences
+  What is Biology
+  What is Chemistry
+  What is Earth Science
+  What is Physics
+  What is Science
+  Social Sciences
+  History Of Crime
+  History of 20th Century Murder
+  History of Assassination
+  History of Con Artists and Confidence Games
+  History of Criminal Language
+  History of Organized Crime
+  History of the JF Kennedy Assassination
+  History of Western Lawmen and Outlaws
+  Psychology And Sociology
+  Discovering Psychology
+  Discovering Sociology