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Life in The Ocean Quiz

The online Life in The Ocean Quiz with quesions and answers enables middle and high school students to test their understanding of the ocean structure and marine and ocean life

The online Life in The Ocean Quiz provides online questions and answers that enable middle school and high school students to test their knowledge and understanding of marine and ocean life and the ocean structures required to support that life.

Use the Life in The Ocean Quiz to test yourself on the basic principles of oceanography, the forces that created and continue to shape land and sea, about the structure of oceans, the resources they contain, and the importance of tides and ocean currents. The Life in The Ocean quiz will also test you on why water is one of the most life-sustaining substances on the earth, and the importance of preserving the earth's oceanic environment. This online LIfe in The Ocean quiz contains 20 questions from a pool of over 100 thereby allowing repeat use. We recommend that students study the relevant videos provided on this site on this subject before attempting this quiz.

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