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19th Century Nationalism Quiz

Use this online 19th century world history quiz entitled the 19th Century Nationalism Quiz to test your knowledge on history of nationalism in 19th century Europe.

Use this online 19th Century world history quiz entitled The 19th Century Nationalism Quiz to test your knowledge of the history of nationalism and how it emerged and changed 19th century Europe.

Use the 19th-Century Nationalism Quiz to test yourself on concept of nationalism as it developed and changed throughout Europe, from the French Revolution to outbreak of World War I, and how romantic movement and Napoleonic Wars planted the seeds of European nationalism early in the 19th century. This quiz will also test you on why forces of nationalism had sparked a full-scale arms race that set stage for World War I.

This online quiz contains 20 questions from a pool of over 100 thereby allowing repeat use. We recommend that students study the relevant videos provided on this site on this subject before attempting this quiz.

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