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Elementary Genetics and Genetic Material Quiz

Use this online Genetics quiz to test your knowledge about elementary genetics and genetic material.

Use this online Genetics quiz entitled The Elementary Genetics and Genetic Material Quiz to test your knowledge of the function of genes and the role of dominant and recessive alleles in the expression of a genetic trait; and how genes can be isolated and identified.

Use this Quiz on Elementary Genetics to test your knowledge of Elementary Genetics, Genetics Material, Gregor Mendel, whose experiments with garden peas led to the foundation of contemporary genetics, simple Mendelian genetics and probabilities. This quiz will also test your knowledge about Griffith's experiments with transformation in pneumococcus; the transformation and fractionation experiments of Avery, MacLeod, and McCarty.

This online quiz contains 20 questions from a pool of over 100 thereby allowing repeat use. We recommend that students study the relevant videos provided on this site on this subject before attempting this quiz.

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