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History of Art Quizzes Online

Use these Online interactive Art History quizzes to test your knowledge of different periods in Art History

Our online History of Art quizzes provide teachers, schools, students, children and homeschool students with the opportunity to test their knowledge of the History through Art through each different historical period, from 800 B.C. through A.D. 1900, including paintings, sculpture, and architectural treasures from The Renaissance, The Baroque, The Enlightenment, the Era of Romanticism, The Pre-Modern Era, The Twentieth Century and the periods of Realism, Impressionism, Expressionism and Post Impressionist Art.

Each quiz provides 20 questions that change each time you take the quiz. See your quiz score upon completing each quiz, and then email your results to yourself. Review your wrong answers and learn and understand why they were wrong.

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History Through Art