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Biology Video: The Chemistry of Life

Video title: The Chemistry of Life

Watch this Biology video entitled The Chemistry of Life. Study Biochemistry and the types of chemical bonds that frequently characterize biological molecules

With this title you will learn about the chemistry of life on earth, the chemistry of carbon and water. You will examine the six major concepts of biological chemistry, and look at the four major classes of inorganic molecules ? carbohydrates, lipids, proteins and nucleic acids.


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Biology Video: The Chemistry of Life . Learning Objectives for this video:

  • The Chemistry of Life. Learn about The Chemistry of Life. Discover the biological importance of lipids and carbohydrates and learn about the structure and function of glucose.
  • Name the types of chemical bonds that most frequently characterize biological molecules. Survey the properties of the amino, carbonyl, carboxyl, and hydroxyl 'functional groups'.
  • Examine the structure and function of two carbohydrates: the sugars glucose and ribose. Learn the function of waxes, fats, sterols, and phospholipids; identify the mechanism that makes molecules water soluble; and explain why lipids have a low solubility in water.
  • The functions of adenosine triphosphate, cellulose, nucleic acids and starch.
  • Survey six basic functions performed by proteins in a living organism, and discuss the role of the amino acid sequence in determining the folding of protein molecules. Examine the chemical structure of DNA and RNA molecules, and describe the unique roles of these two forms of nucleic acids in cellular processes.
  • Discover the many benefits of using online video for visual learning. Educational video for teaching the K-12 curriculum provides online learning for children and students of all ages and abilities. Using subtitled video - or video with closed captions - enables children to choose between watching, listening to, or reading each presentation whichever best suites their individual learning style. A wonderful option particularly for dyslexia and special needs education.

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