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Feb 2015

Improving Education for Dyslexia

Being an actively involved in providing educational solutions for Special Education Needs, I am often amazed at just how many people in education seem so focused on the causes and diagnosis of Dyslexia, rather than providing a meaningful solution for those 1 in every 8 children and students, that suffer from some form of Dyslexia today. Education for Dyslexia should take a precedence over that.

Often in life we can make problems significantly worse by overthinking the problem rather than seeking a simple solution, and I can’t help wondering if the education of children with Dyslexia is not a perfect example of this.

In my humble experience, over 90% of those children with Dyslexia are incredibly bright and intelligent. They simply need to be provided with the information they are being expected to learn and study with, in a format they can easily use and understand. (more…)

Nov 2012

Online Educational Video and The Hidden Benefits of Subtitles

Using Subtitles on Video offers Teachers in the Classroom a potential Treasure Trove of Opportunity.

Sadly many believe that when Subtitles (otherwise known as Captions) are provided on educational video for use in the classroom, that they only benefit the deaf, and those with hearing impairments. Yet this could not be further from the truth.

In an educational environment, particularly the school classroom, the use of subtitles provides a range of benefits for children and students of all ages and ability, and certainly not just those with special education needs.

And the faster teachers and schools are made aware of those benefits, the sooner those benefits can be made available and passed on to their students. (more…)

Oct 2012

Up to 80% of Teachers Using Video in the Classoom, But …

… Less Than 10% of Those Teachers Are Receiving The Full Benefits.

Research conducted over the last 18 months indicates that more than 80% of teachers in the US are using video in the classroom as a valued teaching resource, however a combination of lack of subtitles (closed captions), and a lack of understanding how to use those subtitles effectively, mean that the vast majority of those teachers are not getting the full benefits from that video for themselves or their students.

Subtitles have widely been regarded in the past as being essential only for those smaller numbers of children with hearing impairments. But sadly this misapprehension is robbing students of many opportunities.

A substantial amount of research over the last 30 years has demonstrated that subtitles on video, movies and television, has the potential to significantly improve students reading and literacy skills. In fact a pilot program operated by the late Dr. Alice Killackey of the Availll Institute demonstrated the ability to improve children’s Reading and Literacy skills by as much as one year, in as little as 6 weeks.

Evidence substantiating this potential comes from countries like Finland that have for many years provided TV programming with subtitles as a matter of course, and as a result they repetitively top the list of OECD countries with the highest Reading and Literacy skills amongst children.

However the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow that would enable children to improve their Reading and Literacy skills at the same time as studying a range of curriculum-based topics, has remained elusive while the majority of companies providing educational video for teachers have chosen to ignore and provide the use of subtitles – either because of the added cost of providing that captioning, or lack of awareness about the full potential it provides in the educational environment.

Sep 2012

Children’s Activity 104: Lemonade Stand

A Creative Activity

Here’s a summertime classic that’s sure to bring a smile to your neighbors’ faces.

Materials Required:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Butcher paper
  • Markers
  • Cash box and change
  • Water
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt
  • Sugar 


Sep 2012

Children’s Activity 102: Kitchen Trace

An Arts and Crafts Activity

Your kitchen is a wonderful source of objects that can be traced and transformed into fanciful works of art.

Materials Required:

  • Paper
  • Pens, pencils, or markers
  • Kitchen containers and utensils 


Aug 2012

Children’s Activity 101: Kitchen Finery

An Arts and Crafts Activity

Ready for a surprise? Your pantry is chock-full of good stuff for making jewelry. Here are a few suggestions.

Materials Required:

  • String, yarn
  • Pasta

Optional Materials:

  • Food coloring