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Jul 2012

Kiwibank Says No to Free Online Education for New Zealand Kids

And Special Needs Kids in New Zealand will need to wait for someone other than Kiwibank.

Making approaches to other business with proposals of one kind or another, is part of daily business for many companies, and sometimes those approaches bear fruit, other times they don’t – and that is all just part of business.

However when you approach an organisation, and attempt to open a discussion, with someone that is supposedly qualified to occupy a reasonably senior position of responsibility within the organisation, and then they refuse to return your calls, instead palming you off to a junior – that has to resort to out-and-out lies and blatant falsehoods as their excuse not to extend the most basic of courtesies – is simply appalling.

As a person that works in field of online education, I believe this is yet one more example of how we are continuing to producing generations of “dumbed-down” kids that have an inability to think for themselves, and certainly not creatively. It also demonstrates how relying on supposed educational qualifications – rather than common sense, is actually hurting business opportunity and inhibiting commercial growth, not only here in New Zealand, but many other countries too.

Being a Director of Zane Education – the owner of currently the largest fully subtitled educational video library currently available online – it is simply not commercially feasible for us to focus on an education market as small as that in New Zealand. However as a father – and a New Zealand citizen, I would love to be able to provide our Visual Learning resources to schools, students and special needs kids in New Zealand at no cost, so as to benefit them.

Being a person that likes to think outside the square, it had occurred to me that one of the most obvious choices available to me, was to team up with a bank so they could provide those resources to schools around New Zealand – and in doing so they would be seen to actively support education in a meaningful way. After all many banks have identified the youth and education markets as an important way of targeting young savers and future new customers. Currently those New Zealand banks attempting to build their brand in the education market are providing little more than lip-service, offering children free plastic piggy banks and providing minimalist advice about financial literacy – all of which may appear great, but is really doing little more than scratching the surface.

Jan 2011

Zane Education Launches Affiliate Program

Earn Cash Promoting Educational Video On-Demand

Zane Education is extremely pleased to announce the launch of their Affiliate program.

For those familiar with Affiliate Marketing and who are aware of the growth in demand for educational video in all areas of education, particularly in schools, homeschool, special needs education and dyslexia, this presents an opportunity to earn an income promoting the only online educational service of it’s kind available.

Not only does Zane offer one of the largest online educational video libraries available on-demand, it is the only educational video provider where all videos are subtitled. With literacy being one of the hottest topics in the field of education in recent years, Zane Education provides a Visual Education solution developed to specifically meet the requirements of the K12 curriculum taught in schools and homeschools. In addition it also provides children of all ages with a way of overcoming reading difficulties and improving a child’s reading skills.  Most notably it is one of the few educational solutions available online for special needs children, autistic children, sight and hearing impaired students, disabled children, gifted students and even ESL students (children learning English as a second language). (more…)

Sep 2010

Daily Question Competition – How to Take Part!

Zane Education has a Facebook page and we use it as a place to run our Daily Educational Question Competition which is designed to be fun and educational for parents, teachers and children alike. And you can win some great prizes. The aim of the competition is to help you teach your children or students how to use the Internet to research subjects effectively.

Each day we will pick one question from our online subtitled education videos and interactive quizzes and put it on our Facebook page. The first person with the correct answer wins 3 points, the second receives 2 points, and the third 1 point. The first person to 25 points is the winner.

The prize is a 12-month Gold Membership subscription worth $200 for the ZaneEducation.com website .

After we have a winner we will start each competition again. A tally of those of you submitting a correct answer will be kept here.

If a person wins the competition more than once we allow that prize to be donated to a Special Needs family and this is a great way to help our children experience the joy of giving. We will help you find a recipient if you want some assistance.

NOTE: In order to be fair to all players, we are going to select 2 winners each day…. one from within mainland US and one from everywhere else. If you live outside mainland US, you must start your answer with the name of where you are e.g. Hawaii, UK etc.  It is your responsibility to name where you are otherwise we will not know.


Go to the Zane Education Facebook page and click on LIKE. This will ensure that each question appears each day on your wall. It will also enable you to submit your answer as a comment under the question on our Facebook page.


In addition to this our other regular monthly competition continues with one member on our Facebook page being selected to win our monthly competition prize.

So watch out for each new question every day and get the children involved as part of their day. Get them to work with you to find the answer on the Internet. You’ll all have fun and learn plenty.

Aug 2010

Only One Front Page ……and 12 different education stories.

I have to apologize for a quiet time on the blog for the last 10 days but we have a dilemma to overcome.

Since we launched this website, an increasing number of people have contacted us and explained just how many different types of students can benefit through using our online educational videos.

Zane Education (Zane Publishing Inc. in it’s former life) has had a well-established name in the school and home education markets since the mid 1990’s. And when we decided to convert our 250 educational CD-ROM’s into online video we always expected that it was the teachers, students and homeschooling families that would be our main customers.

However now that we are using the online video format – and most importantly that all of our videos are subtitled – we are seeing that many other types of students are benefiting from what we have produced. Those children include special needs students, gifted students, the disabled, children with dyslexia and reading difficulties, students with visual impairments, ESL students and especially children whose parents and teachers want to help develop their reading skills.

Jun 2010

K12 Curriculum – Online Mathematics Videos

It’s been a big week this week in the world of K12 online educational video.

Not only have we finally launched our new online subscription system, we have also launched a completely new and more user-friendly front-end to the website (yes, we have been listening to the feedback you have been kind enough to provide).

And to celebrate all of that we have launched our K12 online Maths videos. With over 450 Mathematics video titles that include Arithmetic, Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Linear Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Differential Equations, Statistics and Probability, it would be fair to suggest we have every age group and grade covered from Elementary school through to College.


Finally, for those of you that have been using the site over the last several months that have registered as Members, you should have received an email from us in the last couple of days advising you of our Special VIP Offer to celebrate the launch of the online subscription system. (more…)

Jun 2010

New Front End to the ZaneEducation Website

After several months of planning and preparation we are nearly ready to launch a complete new front end to the ZaneEducation website.

At the same time we plan the launch of our new online K12 educational video subscription service and release another 450 online videos for the K12 education market.

The new online videos will provide a comprehensive coverage of mathematics and should be welcomed by our friends and customers.

We will be launching with a very special offer price which will be limited to a specific number of people. Current registered users of the Zane Education website will be given preference with this launch offer. So if you are interested in using what is the most comprehensive range of K12 curriculum video available online, then we suggest that you register right now and then wait to receive further details of our special launch offer.

May 2009

It’s Been Worth Waiting For!

After two and a half years work by a dedicated team, the Zane Education website has become a reality.

What was originally the contents of 230 K-12 CD-ROM’s published by one of the leading and most established educational software publishers (Zane Publishing Inc), has now been converted into a format which enables it to be delivered and used online.

For those of us involved in the work, it has been a long process that at times has tested our resolve, but the end result is that we are now able to provide students, schools and homeschoolers with arguably the largest catalogue of online educational videos specifically developed for the K-12 education market.