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Jan 2011

Zane Education Launches Affiliate Program

Earn Cash Promoting Educational Video On-Demand

Zane Education is extremely pleased to announce the launch of their Affiliate program.

For those familiar with Affiliate Marketing and who are aware of the growth in demand for educational video in all areas of education, particularly in schools, homeschool, special needs education and dyslexia, this presents an opportunity to earn an income promoting the only online educational service of it’s kind available.

Not only does Zane offer one of the largest online educational video libraries available on-demand, it is the only educational video provider where all videos are subtitled. With literacy being one of the hottest topics in the field of education in recent years, Zane Education provides a Visual Education solution developed to specifically meet the requirements of the K12 curriculum taught in schools and homeschools. In addition it also provides children of all ages with a way of overcoming reading difficulties and improving a child’s reading skills.  Most notably it is one of the few educational solutions available online for special needs children, autistic children, sight and hearing impaired students, disabled children, gifted students and even ESL students (children learning English as a second language).

For those people with their own website, blog, FaceBook page and even Twitter users, Zane Education’s Affiliate program provides a way of earning a generous commission for each sale they are responsible for, but also the ability to recruit a growing number of their own Affiliates for which they will also receive a 2nd tier commission each time those Affiliates make a sale.

One particularly unique opportunity provided by Zane’s new Affiliate program, is that it also offers those Affiliates that are serious about developing their own business, the chance to increase their business substantially by representing Zane Education physically in their area by introducing Zane’s ondemand educational video subscription service to schools, educational institutions of all types and libraries in their geographical area. In essence this enables them to start their own full or part time business as a school sales rep in their area, to which Zane will help them add additional products over a period of time.

For those people that are reasonably new to the concept of Affiliate Marketing and online marketing, Zane also provides a range of tutorial and instructional support in the form of free documentation and publications, including the publication that is widely regarded as “the Affiliate Marketeers Bible”, The Super Affiliates Handbook.

The only requirement for potential applicants is that they have a PayPal account which can be opened on the PayPal website at no cost. This enables commission payments to be made by Zane Education direct to each Affiliate on a simple monthly payment schedule.

To submit an Affiliate application form to Zane Education, simply go to their front page at www.zaneeducation.com and click on the Affiliate link at the bottom of that page. Alternatively go directly to the Zane Education Affiliate page and see the information provided before using the links provided there to complete and submit your Affiliate Application to them.

All Affiliate Applications are processed and approved individually and you will generally receive notification of your acceptance within a 12 – 24 hour period.

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