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Sep 2012

Children’s Activity 103: Leaf Pressing

An Arts and Crafts Activity

One way to capture the unique spirit of fall is to press different kinds of leaves and then use them for artwork.

Materials Required:

  • Cardboard
  • Newspaper
  • Large book 


One way to capture the unique spirit of fall is to press different kinds of leaves and then use them for artwork.

When you go leaf hunting, you and your child should look for the freshest specimens possible.

Collect as many different leaves as you can find (get a tree identification book if you feel that will be helpful).

You’ll also want to take along a protective carrier. Two pieces of cardboard with a masking tape hinge will do just fine.

Immediately after returning home, insert the leaves between several sheets of newsprint.

Place the newspaper between two cardboard covers, then weigh down the covers with a large book.

The leaves shouldn’t touch each other on paper.

In a week or so, the leaves should be dried out.

Your child can glue them to paper and make a record of the expedition.

You and your child can also trace the leaves and draw in the veins.

Perhaps you will want to glue them to a folded piece of paper – your child can then make a special card for a friend or relative.


Leaf Pressing is a great Arts and Crafts activity. The search for a good collection of suitable leaves will be a valuable educational activity in it’s own right.


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