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Sep 2012

Children’s Activity 102: Kitchen Trace

An Arts and Crafts Activity

Your kitchen is a wonderful source of objects that can be traced and transformed into fanciful works of art.

Materials Required:

  • Paper
  • Pens, pencils, or markers
  • Kitchen containers and utensils 


Your kitchen is a wonderful source of objects that can be traced and transformed into fanciful works of art.

On scrap paper, use crayons, pens, or markers to trace the following kinds of objects, then add features.

Overturned colanders and woks can be used to sketch funny faces-the handles also make great ears.

Pans are good for the same purpose-the handles can be long necks for clown-like creatures.

Plates make good outlines for faces, as well as perfect outlines for balloons and wheels. So do cups, saucers, and the lids from plastic containers.

Square containers can be used for the outlines of houses and buildings, while whisks, large forks, and spoons can be traced for trees.

An aluminum foil container makes a good train, car, or bus outline. Don’t forget cookie cutters ­ they’re not just for cookies.

Go through your kitchen drawer with an eye to materials well suited for tracing.

You’re bound to find all sorts of gizmos with interesting shapes.

And when your child shows his or her precocious artwork to Grandma or Grandpa,

who’s to know that the flamingo on one leg is really a French garlic press in disguise?


Kitchen Trace is a great Arts and Crafts activity for developing your child’s creative skills and hand-eye coordination abilities.


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