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Aug 2012

Children’s Activity 98: Kiddie Bank

An Indoor Play Activity

Lots of kids seem to think that the bank is where anyone can go to get any amount of money needed, free. Would that it were so easy.

Materials Required:

  • Play money

Optional Materials:

  • “Coins” from aspirin bottles
  • Crayons
  • Notebook


Lots of kids seem to think that the bank is where anyone can go to get any amount of money needed, free. Would that it were so easy!

Your children might enjoy playing teller in your living room bank. And they can learn about counting currency, too.

All you really need for a teller’s window (or automatic teller machine, for that matter) is an open-backed chair – although you can always create something a bit more elaborate out of a cardboard box.

Of course, you’ll need to make stacks of play currency, unless you have a Monopoly set you can raid temporarily for this game.

Coupons and junk mail inserts make excellent currency.

You can usually get an extra checkbook cover for free from your bank, and you can always use some slips of note paper for a few check deposit slips.

And for customers with savings accounts, any small notebook will do.

Finally, provide some “coins” (we suggest the large child proof tops from aspirin bottles – they’re big enough to be safe when used by small depositors).

You may also want to supply a small zipper bag for customers who make large cash deposits.

Join in the fun: open an account yourself.

Just don’t expect any complimentary toasters to come your way – kid bank officers run a pretty tight ship.

Kiddie Bank is an Indoor Play activity that can be turned into a very useful educational activity for teaching your child about money and how to manage it.


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