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Aug 2012

Zane Education Reviews

Reviews of Zane Education by Educational Blogs Provides Valuable Insight into Benefits of Visual Learning

The results of independent reviews recently carried out of the Zane Education website and their online visual learning solution by a random selection of 100 different education-related blogs has now been published.

Zane Education is rapidly becoming known and recognised as the owner of the largest fully subtitled online educational video library currently available online. Their use of this online educational video library – which was developed specifically to teach a comprehensive selection of curriculum topics, provides an extremely effective and highly beneficial means  of Visual Learning that can benefit all children, and not only those with special needs, dyslexia or reading disabilites.

Access to these blogs is provided easily at one central location: Zane Education Review Blogs.

Jul 2010

From Homeschool & Homeschooling Roots

You’ve heard the expression ” I liked it so much, that I bought the company”? Well this one such story. But it is our own, and so it is fairly understandable that it is one we here at Zane Education are reasonably proud of.

In 1999 we were finally enjoying some of the fruits of a business we’d started some years before, distributing budget priced software. At the time we had been one of the first people to see the opportunity to specialize in the budget software market, and the business had taken off.

By 1999 we represented, and were distributing CD-ROM’s for  a number of well established software publishers, and were very interested in the educational software market. One of those software publishers was a company by the name of Zane Publishing Inc. Zane had become very successfull educational software company publishing approximately 250 CD-ROM titles to support the K12 curriculum, and had sold literally millions of their CD-ROM’s into schools and homeschools across the country. When in 2000 we had the opportunity to buy Zane, we jumped at the opportunity.

We purchased Zane because we could see a time coming when software on CD-ROM would gradually die, and we could also see a time coming when being able to provide so much purpose developed K12 curriculum material online over the Internet, would provide some wonderful opportunities.

Well it’s taken nearly four years to complete this work however the end result is over 1,000 online videos teaching Art, Music, Literature, History, Science, Biology, Social Sciences, Geography, Library Skills, Health , Mathematics and Religious Studies covering 250 topics. In addition, for each topic we have built interactive quizzes to allow a student to test themselves on what they have learnt about that topic as they have watched the video. (more…)