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Feb 2013

New LinkedIn Policy Infuriates Loyal Followers: How to Overcome Having all your Posts Reviewed

How To Overcome & Fix the Having All Your Posts Reviewed in Discussion Groups on LinkedIn

Once again there’s proof that sometimes the largest companies make the most foolish errors of judgement …and their innocent customers pay the price!

As many LinkedIn users have recently found to their detriment and extreme annoyance, LinkedIn’s new policy that attempts to overcome Spam requires that anyone banished from one Group, has to have all their posts reviewed before they go live in all other Groups they belong to.

Well there is a way to fix this problem, but it is a complete pain – and extremely time consuming – depending on how many Groups you belong to …. and it is certainly no way to thank the many people that loyally followed LinkedIn over the last 4 years.

In fact it leaves me wondering if Social Media sites like this can afford to make such stupid mistakes, and how many mistakes like this it takes before those followers walk away, especially when it is a supposed to be a social media site for professionals and businesses. (more…)