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A Getting Started Guide to our Online Visual Learning solution

A brief guide to introduce you to the online educational video library and Visual Learning resources provided on the Zane Education Website

We will soon be providing an illustrated page here to enable you to get started quickly, however in the short term you can download a copy of the Getting Started Guide in PDF format.

The Getting Started Guide introduces you to our online visual learning solution, our comprehensive library of online subtitled curriculum-based education video, the quizzes we provide for each of the 260 curriculum-based topics, our video study tools, lesson Plans and all of the other resources we make available for you. The Guide quickly explains what services are available free for those of you that have completed a free Registration for Basic Membership and those service which require either a Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership that starts from as little as just $8.99 per month.

Currently you can download your copy of the Getting Started Guide here.  

Please also take this opportunity to visit our Downloads page where you can freely download a copy of our Online Educational Video Catalogue and selection of User Guides provided specifically to ensure that you and your children - or students, receive the greatest benefits from the educational resources we provide.