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The Zane Education Philosophy

Investing in the education of our children is without question the most important investment we can make. Education builds a child's self-esteem and shapes their future, as they in turn will shape the future of the world for their children.

Zane Education stands committed to providing an online service that enables students of all ages to learn using an extremely effective and affordable method of visual learning that ensures the learning process is effective, interesting and enjoyable.

We are committed to educating using visual learning because it caters most effectively for virtually all learning styles, regardless of a child’s age, race, ability or socio-economic background. If any style of learning can be expected to maintain and encourage a child’s interest in their own education, it is this.

Irrespective of whether you are a school, teacher, parent or caregiver, we pledge to provide our solution for your child supported by the highest levels of professionalism, academic excellence, service and support. As parents ourselves, we know what we would expect from a service such as ours, and we aim to provide no less for your child.

Zane Education - and all our staff - remains committed to this shared philosophy.

What Zane Education Does

Since 1989, our sister company Zane Publishing has been electronically publishing the best educational material in partnership with leading textbook and curriculum publishers. Each title has been specifically designed and developed to teach that material as per the requirements of the K-12 curriculum.

Now, these same titles originally published as educational software on CD-ROM and used in schools, libraries and in home education across North America and many countries around the world, are available to you online as the world’s most comprehensive library of purposely subtitled educational video, accompanied by a variety of online study tools, lesson plans, additional study resources and online testing – using our on-demand subscription system.

Our online service provides a highly effective visual learning solution for the school and classroom, homeschooling and home educators and a wide variety of special needs. However it is our video subtitles (otherwise know as closed captions) that makes our service completely unique. It is those subtitles that make our service increasingly popular for all children and students needing to improve their Reading and Literacy skills, and those students studying English as a Second Language.

As a result, Zane Education is becoming well known as the only online learning service that enables students aged within the K-12 grade range, to study over 260 curriculum topics while improving their reading, literacy and English Language skills AT THE SAME TIME.

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