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Use these subtitled online educational videos for teachers and students, kids and teaching special education children, of all ages as effective Visual Learning based teaching resources

Welcome to the most comprehensive library available of curriculum-aligned, subtitled, online educational videos for teachers and students, for teaching kids and children of all ages, and for teacher and family education. Subtitled education video provides the ideal Visual Learning resources to accommodate for the majority of Learning Styles and for teaching special education.

The curriculum material delivered by each of  our online educational videos is aligned with State and National Standards. Using these educational videos as teaching resources provides a much more interesting and dynamic alternatve for students to the use text books to learn each curriculum topic. The use of subtitles education video also accommodates the majority of different Learning Styles, and when used for teaching special education or children with dyslexia and reading difficulties, they provide the ideal Visual Learning-based alternative. 

The educational bonus for teachers, students, kids, children and family education using subtitled educational video is that the same language subtitles serve to encourage reading, and greatly assists in the the improvement of reading and literacy skills.

Subtitles on educational video enable Study and Reading Improvement simultaneously

The reason our online education videos are unique and offer the best educational benefits and learning outcome, is because with the exception of the Math video, they are all subtitled with closed captions. This is The Missing Piece © that is overlooked by all other online educational video providers. Research has demonstrated the link between the use of video subtitles and the potential to improve reading and literacy skills. This means your child can now study each topic using our online educational videos .......AND improve their reading and literacy skills SIMULTANEOUSLY.

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Use video study tools to enhance the educational videos 

Remember to use the Video Study Tools positioned in the column to the right of each educatioal video on each video page. They enable your child to fully explore, learn and understand each topic more effectively

Teach then test using online quizzes provided for each topic

We provide interactive quizzes for each topic to enable the testing of that topic by each student. At the same time we qualify and explain each correct and incorrect answer to ensure the learning process continues.

Download free Lesson Plans and User Guides...

Be sure to use the freely downloadable Lesson Plans on each topic page. And don't forget to download the free Getting Started Guide and the relevant User Guides that best suits your needs. These are provided to ensure that each student or child receives the greatest benefit from what we provide.

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