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Help for Child Learning Problems and Child Learning Disabilities

Does your child needs help learning or help to enjoy learning? This child learning website provides help for children's learning problems and learning disabilities.

Increasing numbers of parents and teachers are now realizing that one of the main reasons why child are becoming disinterested in learning - and gaining no enjoyment from learning, is simply because the child is not being provided with the material they need to learn from, in the correct format. For example, if you expect a child with a reading disability or difficulty to learn successfully using textbooks - especially if they suffer from some form of Dyslexia, then you have to expect a growing problem and an increasing disinterest in learning.

Each child has their own preferred Learning style. Some prefer to learn by watching, others by listening, and some by reading. If you want to your child to enjoy learning - and have an interest in learning, then providing them with the information they need in the correct format is essential.

This is especially important where most special needs are concerned. Many children diagnosed as having special educational needs are very bright, and ensuring that you are providing for their preferred Learning Style is essential - and can often accomplish far more than you expected.

The use of online curriculum-based video with subtitles is the simple and inexpensive solution that provides each child with the choice to learn by watching, listening to, or reading each presentation. It also provides the benefit of enabling each child to study and learn at their own speed which is essential in enabling them to achieve their greatest individual potential.

Investing in the education of your children is without question the best investment you can make. Education builds a child's self-esteem and shapes their future. But until now, most parents have been powerless to make a real difference in their children's education, especially when their children require assistance in higher-level subjects like Science, Biology, Social Studies and Literature.

Zane Education provides online K12 curriculum-aligned videos to help enhance and improve your child's education. And we use video because of its greater ability to capture the student's attention and to maintain their interest - a secret of effective teaching.

Provided below are links to examples of the ways our videos (and quizzes and other resources) can be tailored to suit the needs of nearly every student:

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