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260+ free interactive online educational quizzes for K12 and homeschool curriculum for students, teachers and kids .... with each answer explained to continue the learning process.

Online interactive educational quizzes for students, teachers, kids and homeschool curriculum and includes free K12 curriculum quiz questions for 260 topics across 11 curriculum subjects ....with each answer explained to continue the learning process.

Welcome to our online quiz library. It is currently the largest interactive quiz library available online developed specifically for providing online testing of curriculum subjects including Art, Biology, Social Studies Geography, Health Education, Social Studies History, Library Skills, Literature, Music, Religious & Christian Studies, Science & Social Sciences.

The 23,000 curriculum-based multiple choice questions used throughout all of our quizzes are aligned with State and National Standards.

Learn While You Play...

Each quiz is designed to enable the Learning Process to continue by explaining at the conclusion of every quiz, why each correct or incorrect answer is correct or incorrect.

To Use The Interactive Quizzes...

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Track Your Quiz Scores...

Teachers and parents can track each student's progress by emailing the quiz results to yourself, or printing out the results at the end of each quiz, or by using the free downloadable study tracking sheets available in the Study Center.

Testing without Learning First...

Our interactive Quizzes are fun, informative and designed to contine the Learning Process, but why would you try testing your knowledge of a topic that you may not have studied yet?

You should consider upgrading your Membership to enable you and your students to use our subtitled curriculum-based videos (for which we provide our quizzes) to ensure your students fully understand each of these K-12 curriculum topics taught first.

With your free Basic Membership you can view short demos of all our curriculum videos. And remember... monthly or annual Gold, Silver or Bronze Membership video subscriptions start from as low as only $8.99 a month. You can view those affordable upgrade options on our Membership page.

Use our Catalogue...

We provide educational videos and quizzes for so many curriculum topics that it is impossible to see how much is on offer without downloading a free Topic title list here. So do yourself a favour and download that now before you begin.

Math Quizzes...

The Math video are free to use for all Registered users. But they are the only videos that are not owned by us, and are not subtitled so we also do not provide quizzes or Lesson Plans for them. We provide the free Math video for the convenience of our Free Basic Members only while we develop our own subtitled versions.

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