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Oct 2013

Mother completing the school projects

How do you feel about parents completing school projects that their kids are supposed to do?

Hi, its Ray again. I seem to be wallowing in nostalgia this week and after the last post where I brought up the subject of sharing the Zane videos with your children, I thought some more and remembered when I was living in the Philippines. They had so many projects to carry out at the school the child of the house attended. Every couple of weeks he would bring home a printed sheet explaining what he had to do. (more…)

Oct 2013

Do YOU remember your favorite teachers?

New Blogger Ray Brocklesby thinks back about his own school days and his favourite teachers

Hi, there has been a slight gap since the last post on this blog but I have just joined the company and hope to bring you some more thought provoking subjects to discuss. To start off I am going to talk about my favorite teachers. I am not so young now and it is many years since I went to school in the UK, but I can still remember certain teachers that influenced me. I can still remember their names yet the names of some of my close friends of the same period have receded into the deepest corners of my memory. Why is it that these people had such an influence on me that I remember them clearly after all these years? (more…)

Apr 2012

Activities for Children

Activities for You and Your Children & The Value of Parent Child Play

Today we start our new series on Activities for Children.

Each day we will publish one new activity for you and your child – or children – to do together. These activities will fall into one of the following groups:

  • Arts and Crafts
  • Creativity
  • Fantasy Play
  • Food Stuff
  • Group Play
  • Indoor Play
  • Math and Numbers
  • Memory
  • Older Kid’s Play
  • Recycled & Reused Household Materials
  • Science
  • Tiring Them Out
  • Toy Making
  • Words & Language
  • Activities That Need Time Only

These activities will help you spend meaningful time with your child while at the same time helping them develop a wide range of skills and abilities.