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These videos for Geography teachers and Geography class for middle and high school students enable them to study Geography with Geography video lessons and Geography video lectures. Also use the video subtitles to improve Reading and Literacy Skills .....

Online Geography Videos

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These online videos for Geography teachers and Geography class for middle and high school students, enable students to study and learn Geography using Geography video lessons and Geography video lectures Zane Education provides more than 38 online Social Studies Geography videos within the curriculum subjects of American Geography and Elementary World Geography, all of which have specifically developed for the purpose of teaching these subjects online.

We provide a Visual Learning solution using these Social Studies Geography videos that also includes a Lesson Plan, and online interactive quiz testing for each Geography topic.

In addition to that, located in the right hand column beside each Social Studies Geography video, teachers and their students are provided with a selection of interactive study tools which should be used to investigate those highlighted words in the subtitles that are important to the learning of each topic. These tools can also be used to research and access more information about each particular Geography topic. Simply Pause the video and use these tools whenever required. Access to each Lesson Plan and quiz is also provided in this same location.

Each video is subtitled which provides each student with the option to learn by watching, listening to, or reading each presentation - according to their preferred Learning Style. This ensures that their study of each Geography topic is both interesting and effective.

BY providing for a range of Learning styles, you will find that these Social Studies Geography videos are of interest to children of all ages and ability.

By using video to teach these topics within American Geopgraphy and Elementary World Geography, we also enable each student to study at their own speed which is recognized as being the key to enabling them to achieve their own individual greatest potential.

By providing a Visual Learning solution (that includes the use of subtitles) to teach Social Studies Geography, we are also able to provide online learning solution for a range of Special Needs students. In fact, Visual Learning provides the ideal solution for those students with Dyslexia. Students learning English as a Second Language will also benefit greatly too.


To get the best use of these Social Studies Geography videos- and all aspects of our Visual Learning solution, please go to our Downloads page, where you can download the User Guide of your choice. MOre than 18 different User Guides are provided and include a range of particular Special Needs because the resources we provide can be used in different ways to benefit different requirements.

And for more information about the Reasearch completed over the last decade linking the use of subtitles on video, and the ability to improve their Reading and Literacy skills, please visit our Research page. You can also view our Channels on YouTube, Pinterest, Learni.st, Google+ or Facebook

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