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US & American Geography Videos

Study US & American Geography using Online Video. Use the Subtitles to improve Reading & Literacy Skills .....at the same time!

A selection of 30 of our online US Geography videos provides junior, middle-school and homeschool students with the opportunity to learn about the geography of the United States to the required K-12 standards.

Study and explore the wondrous geography of America by looking at the nation's diverse regions, grouped according to the commonality of land forms, climate, and resources. Learn about the values of American democracy and the interdependence of America's diverse regions.

Our US Geography videos introduces the land and its people and will allow you to exploreand learn about; Alaska and Hawaii, The North East, The South East, Florida - The Sunshine State, The Midwest, The Rockies, The South West, The West and Texas - The Lone Star State.

After watching these online videos students can then use our online interactive quizzes to discover what they have learnt and strengthen their understanding of the subject.

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US Geography