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Geography of America's South West States videos

Use online videos to study the geography, regions, climate, natural resources of America's South West States. Use the video subtitles to improve Reading and Literacy skills .... simultaneously!

Use these online Geography of America videos entitled The South West States to study the geographies of America's South Western States by way of their diverse and interdependent regions, climate, and natural resources. Discover key events in the history of The South West States and gain insight to their ethnic diversity.

Learn what makes this fast-growing region of the United States a wonderland of natural beauty. Use these 2 online educational video titles to trek across wind-burned deserts and fertile plains as you discover the beauty and grandeur of the sun-baked Southwest. Examine Native American cultures and explore the Spanish traditions and cowboy folklore that characterize this fascinating region. States covered: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the names and locations of the principal cities and geographical features of the Southwest, a region comprising Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.
  • Examine the economic importance of the major natural resources of the Southwest.
  • Discover some of the ways that geography and climate have determined usage of the land and patterns of settlement in the Southwest.
  • Survey the Native American cultures and the Spanish and cowboy traditions that characterize the Southwest.
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The South West