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Elementary World Geography Video

Study Elementary World Geography using Online Video. Use the Subtitles to improve Reading & Literacy Skills .. .....at the same time!

A selection of 8 of our online Elementary World Geography videos provides elementary-school and homeschool students with the opportunity to learn a number of World Geography topics to the required K-12 standards.

Learn how people from four different parts of the world live when you take tour with the friendly Lollipop Dragon of Latin America, North America, Africa, and East Asia. Learn about the geography and history of settlement of each region, the economic factors that shape each region, and the cultures of each region with Lollipop Dragon as your guide!

Study and explore communities with Lollipop Dragon. Using our online geography videos learn about 'What is a community?' Lollipop Dragon takes the children of Tumtum on an adventure through urban, rural and suburban communities, and explores communities that vary in size and structure, and how they change over time, having a history and heritage and will continue to change.

After watching these online videos students can then use our online interactive quizzes to discover what they have learnt and strengthen their understanding of the subject.

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