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May 2012

Study Biomes Using Online Video

A Review of Studying Biomes Using Online Subtitled Video

Review Rating: 4.0 out of 5 Stars

Using these online subtitled videos to study and learn about Biomes, you’ll explore and travel the world’s biomes and discover their different climate distributions, topographies and appearances.

Zane Education‘s library of online educational video includes a comprehensive range of Biology topics, and today we review the topic of Biomes.

Biomes 1 is a curriculum-based topic intended for students of 12 years to Adult age, or Grade 6 and upwards, and is the first of two topics on Biomes in the Zane Education online video library.

Aug 2010

K12 Video Review: Elementary Science: The Human Body

This Elementary Science yopic is found on www.zaneeducation.com located at Science>Elementary Science>The Human Body and comprises six videos: Blood Vessels and the Heart, The Digestive System, The Respiratory System, The Nervous System, Bones and Muscles, Eyes and Ears.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the components and workings of the circulatory system
  • Learn the major organs and processes of the digestive system
  • Study the means by which oxygen travels to every part of the body
  • Discover the structure, function and importance of the brain


  • 63-minute multimedia presentation
  • 800 images

Suitable for:

Grades K-3/ages 6 to 9 years