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May 2012

Study Biomes Using Online Video

A Review of Studying Biomes Using Online Subtitled Video

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Using these online subtitled videos to study and learn about Biomes, you’ll explore and travel the world’s biomes and discover their different climate distributions, topographies and appearances.

Zane Education‘s library of online educational video includes a comprehensive range of Biology topics, and today we review the topic of Biomes.

Biomes 1 is a curriculum-based topic intended for students of 12 years to Adult age, or Grade 6 and upwards, and is the first of two topics on Biomes in the Zane Education online video library.

Biomes 1 is presented in 5 videos entitled:

  • Introduction to Biomes
  • The Deciduous Forest Part 1
  • The Deciduous Forest Part 2
  • The Coniferous Forest
  • The Moist Coniferous Forest

Using these online subtitled videos to study and learn about Biomes, you’ll explore and discover the world’s Biomes and discover their different climate distributions, topographies, and appearances.

The objective of these 5 videos on Biomes is to help the student:

  • Identify the major biomes of North America and describe their climates and topographies while citing plants and animals of each biome and discuss their environmental adaptations.
  • Locate the eastern deciduous forest biome, identify its nine types of forests and the names of forest trees, and describe the climatic conditions of a temperate deciduous forest.
  • Describe the climate and characteristics of the northern coniferous forest biome, and explore the transitional subarctic taiga, the boreal forest, and the mountain boreal forest.
  • Locate the moist coniferous forest biome and describe features of climax conifer forests.
  • Discover the characteristics of the Sitka spruce forest, the coastal redwood forest, and the Western Cascade forest.
  • Understand key words relevant to studying Biomes including: acid rain, annelids, arboreal, arthropods, blight, boreal forest, camouflage, chaparral, commensalism, convergence, dormancy, estivation, geotropism, glaciation, humus, lake effect, niche, permafrost, savanna and stratification.

Sample Video from the Biology topic of Biomes:

Review Comments:

Zane’s unique approach to Visual Learning and the use of subtitled video to teach the topic ‘Biomes’ provides an interesting, compelling and enjoyably effective way for kids to study this subject. The use subtitled video enables children to study Biomes, while at the same time using the subtitles to improve their Reading and Literacy skills – a rare opportunity in education today.

Zane Education’s approach to the use of online video developed specifically to provide the curriculum-based information about the world’s biomes and their different climate distributions, topographies, and appearances, is a refreshing option to the use of textbooks alone, and the combined use of subtitles with the video allows each child to choose whether to watch, listen to, or read each video presentation – according to their preferred Learning Style.

It provides a wonderfully beneficial experience for the average student, and by providing these choices for kids to process the information according to their level of ability, they make this material on the topic of Biomes accessible to a wide range of kids with Special Education needs. Of course the use of online educational video also provides the gifted students the opportunity to study at their own speed – which is essential in enabling each child to achieve their greatest potential.

As always Zane out-performs other companies in the online educational video market by providing each topic with its own Lesson Plan – which Parents, Teachers and Home Educators can download at no cost, online interactive study tools to ensure that each child can study Biomes thoroughly, and an interactive multiple-choice quiz on the topic.



Zane Education provides a unique and highly beneficial Visual Learning approach to online learning and the K-12 curriculum. All resources are provided free with except the use of Zane’s subtitled online video library which is the largest of it’s kind currently available online. A free Registration is required for free Basic Membership and those wishing to use the subtitled video library for it’s curriculum-based content can upgrade to either Bronze, Silver or Gold Membership by purchasing the relevant monthly or annual subscription which starts as low as only $8.99 per month.



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