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Zane Publishing Previous Software and CD-ROMs

  • Q) We know Zane Education from when it was known as Zane Publishing and one of the leading educational software publishers in the 1990's. Do you still provide your software on DVD and CD-ROM?

    A) Zane Publishing stopped publishing their educational software  on CD-ROM and DVD back in 2000. Because of these problems with the newer and constantly changing operating systems, we have converted all of our 240 CD-ROM titles to run online at http://www.zaneeducation.com

    The only copies of our CD-ROMs that have been available to purchase in recent years are products produced by 2 companies that were illegally replicating our software.

    We are now using our online subscription system to provide our customers with access to all of the 260 curriculum subjects and topics with the educational materials previously available on CD-ROM. This is now a significantly more affordable and cost-effective alternative than buying the CD-ROM's and gives our customers a much wider range of options and choice.

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