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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page where we have answers to some of the more common questions we get asked.


Membership, Payment, Billing and Subscription Questions

  • Q) How do I Register for the free basic Membership on the Zane Education website and what do I get being a Member?

    A) Simply go to the front page at http://www.ZaneEducation.com and look at the top right hand corner and you will see a word that says "Register" in a grey box. Click on that and then complete the Registration Form. Please remember that it is to your advantage to provide a contact telephone number in case you require Technical Support at any stage.

    After you have registered, within 5 minutes you will be sent an automatic email containing a Validation link that will enable you to confirm and validate your registration. If you do not receive your email within 10 minutes maximum, then simply look in your Spam folder. It will likely have been placed there by your email system.

  • Q) I need to cancel my subscription. How can I do that please?

    A) It is very simple and straight forward to cancel your subscription, but it can only be done by you as the account holder because we do not keep or retain any of your payment details for security purposes.

    To cancel your account, you simply go to the Zane Education website and Login. Once you have successfully completed your Login, you will automatically find yourself in your Members area. 

    Located in the centre of the page is a section entitled "CANCEL A SUBSCRIPTION" . Underneath it is a link entitled "Members Subscription Cancellation page".

    When you click on that link you are provided with a short, clear set of instructions about how you can immediately cancel your subscription"  

    The cancellation of your subscription takes place immediately, however you will still retain the use of the service for that subscription for which you previously paid - until that time expires.

  • Q) How and where can I upgrade my Membership and purchase a subscription?

    A) Go to the page using the following link and you can choose from the subscription that best suits your requirements:


  • Q) Which subscription provides the best value for money?

    A) All Annual subscriptions are provided with the 12th month free, but by far and away the greatest value for money subscription is the 12 month Gold Gold Membership subscription which includes $100 of free giveaway publications and the 12th month free. 

  • Q) I have just realized that I purchased the wrong subscription. What do you suggest?

    A) Cancel the incorrect subscription in your Member's area then purchase the new subscription you require. If this happens within the first week of purchasing your first subscription, then contact us using our Contact page explaining your situation, and once you have cancelled the previous subscription and purchased the new, we will immediately refund you with the cost of your original subscription.

  • Q) Your recurring billing just charged me for a month's subscription that I did not want.

    A) It is clearly stated in our Terms and Conditions of Trade on our website that it is the customer’s sole responsibility to manage their account and subscriptions in a timely manner. If you wish to cancel your subscription, it can be cancelled at any time from within your Members Area.

    If you have already cancelled that subscription and still been charged, then feel free to contact us using our contact page and provide the actual date that you cancelled your subscription on. We will then check this with our Payment Processor, and if can be confirmed and verified by our Payment Processor that the subscription was cancelled before the date of automatic renewal, we will refund that amount of the last billing.

  • Q) Is there anywhere we can view one of your full videos without before purchasing a subscription?

    A) Yes, please use the following link to go to our free video-of-the day.


  • Q) Where are your subscription prices please, because we cannot see any pricing on your website?

    A) Please use the following link to take you to that Purchase and Subscriptions page.


  • Q) What are the benefits of purchasing an Annual subscription instead of a monthly subscription?

    A) The big benefit of the Annual Membership is that you purchase an annual subscription and you are only charged for 11 months and receive the 12th month free.

    The best value for money is the 12 Month Gold Membership which also provides you with the 1 month free, and the digital versions of the 2 free publications that we normally sell for $49.95 each.

  • Q) I have just purchased one of your subscriptions but would like to change it. How can I do that?

    A) Cancel the incorrect subscription in your Member's area then purchase the new subscription you require. If this happens within the first week of purchasing your first subscription, then contact us using our Contact page explaining your situation, and once you have cancelled the previous subscription and purchased the new, we will immediately refund you with the cost of your original subscription.

  • Q) Why was my Credit Card Payment declined?

    A) We use 2 different online Payment Processors - PayPal and Flagship Merchant Services. While we can make an enquiry to our Payment Processors as to why your Credit Card might have been declined, in 99% of cases it is because the Card Issuer (the company that provided you with you card) has declined the payment - and they will not divulge those reasons to us. Therefore it is best you contact your Card Issuer in the first instance for the reason why your Credit Card was declined. Have you checked the date of expiry on your current Credit Card?

  • Q) What forms of payment do you accept?

    A) We accept payment by the following methods:

    • Credit Card
    • Debit Card
    • From your PayPal account
    • By eCheck - clearance normally takes 3 - 5 days
    • Deposit into our Bank - for annual subscriptions only
    • Electronic and Wire Transfer - for annual subscriptions only
  • Q) Does Zane Education keep and maintain records of the payment methods used by customers?

    A) No. We use 2 different online Payment Processors - PayPal and Flagship Merchant Services, and they maintain your financial details. In order to provide our customers with the best level of security, we do not record and keep your financial details.

  • Q) Are the subscription prices provided on you website for private users, teachers or schools?

    A) The subscription prices provided on our website are for private family users and for teachers that want to use our resources in classes of up to a maximum of 25 students.

    Teachers (or classes of more than 25 students) and schools and school districts wanting to use our resources need to purchase an Annual School License. 

    We provide prices for School Licenses for schools and school districts by quotation and based upon the total number of students at the school. To request a quotation please contact us using our Contact page - and please remember to provide the total number of students at your school.


  • Q) How long does it take for an eCheck to be accepted and my subscription to be activated?

    A) An eCheck generally takes between 3 and 5 days before we receive notification of its clearance. Once we receive that notification then the customer’s subscription is activated.

    It is for this reason that we find that Credit Cards and Debit Cards are readily used by our subscribers because acceptance generally takes place within minutes - and the subscription is activated immediately.

  • Q) How long does my subscription continue?

    A) Monthly subscriptions are automatically recurringly billed each month automatically and this continues until cancelled by the customer. When a customer cancels a subscription, access to those videos will continue until 30 days after the last payment was completed.

    Once a customer has completed their cancellation, no further charges are made.

  • Q) Are all your subscription options using recurring billing?

    A) All of our Monthly subscriptions are automatically billed each month on the due date. Currently our Annual subscriptions are not renewed automatically.

  • Q) Do you offer any credit or financing terms for customers purchasing a subscription?

    A) Currently PayPal is offering credit terms under a "Buy Now, Pay Later" for US customers. It offer 6 months financing on a subscription purchase of $99 or more which is ideal for those customers that want the benefits of the free month offered by our Annual subscriptions.

    For more information on this, please go to our Membership and Purchasing Subscriptions page using the following link, and click on the Banner at the top of the page for further details. Please check any dates provided to ensure this interest free offer is still current.


  • Q) What is your Refunds Policy?

    A) As is clearly stated on our Terms and Conditions of Trade page, we do not provide refunds for the following reasons:

    • Every visitor to our website has the option to complete the free Registration for the free Basic Membership which provides them with a Username and Password enabling them to Login and have access to all the resources provided, which even includes fully operational demos of each of the videos for the 260+ curriculum topics. This ensures that all prospective customers are in the position of making a fully informed purchasing decision before upgrading their Membership to use our online video library which is the only resource which we charge for.
    • As every customer can see, we keep our prices to an absolute minimum, and the cost of a single monthly subscription is less than what we are charged by our Credit Card Processor to provide and process a refund. In other words, we would be making a loss on any Refund we provided simply because a customer had not taken the opportunity to use their Free Basic Membership to make themselves fully aware about the resources we provide, before making their purchasing decision.
    • Every visitor to our website has access to our Free-Video-of-the-Day whether they choose to complete the Free Registration of not. The videos made available on that page (using the following link), provide everyone with the opportunity to watch full videos - and the style of subtitling and captions that we provide, thereby enabling them to make a fully informed purchasing decision, before making a purchase.




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