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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page where we have answers to some of the more common questions we get asked.


General Questions

  • Q) I have seen your website can you please tell me exactly what Zane Education offers?

    A) A) Zane Education operates at the forefront of the online learning and education market using research and technology to provide K-12 school students of all age and ability with the means to:

    • Learn and study at their own speed thereby enabling them to achieve their greatest individual potential.
    • Learn and study a variety of curriculum-aligned subjects while improving their reading and literacy skills at the same time.
    • To improve their English language skills relevant to the subjects they study at school in a variety of European and Asian schools.
    • Learn and study using a Visual Learning solution that accommodate the widest range of learning styles and abilities
    • Learn and study using an online learning solution that additionally provides for a variety of Special Needs requirements at the same time.

    Zane Education provides a Visual Learning solution that delivers K-12 curriculum content using subtitled online video which is supplemented with free lesson plans for each of the 260+ K-12 curriculum topics, and online interactive quizzes for each topic to provide online testing and assessment. 

    Interactive study tools are then provided with each topic to enable the student to learn more about the topic delivered, and understand the meanings of words that are important to the study of that topic - and that are highlighted in the subtitles.

    • Our online videos deliver the content to be studied by the child or student.
    • Each video is fully subtitled to enable each child or student to study each topic, and at the same time improve their reading and literacy skills.
    • The Interactive Study tools located in the right hand column beside the video on each video page are provided to enable the child or student to research and understand the meanings of those words highlighted in the subtitles that are important to learning of that particular topic. Each student can also simply "pause" the video and use these tools to research further information about that particular topic.
    • We provide a Lesson Planning Guide for each topic, access to which is located in the same position as the Interactive Study tools. Most importantly these Lesson Planning Guides provide a series of other activities to be used in conjunction with the videos and are intended to ensure the effective learning of that particular topic.
    • An interactive multiple choice quiz is provided to enable the online testing for each topic, and at the end of each quiz each correct and incorrect answer is qualified and explained to ensure the learning process continues through testing.
    • The Study Centre provides further online learning resources including downloadable tracking sheets for each subject and topic to provide a manual system of checking each student’s progress.

    The unique feature of Zane's online learning solution is the inclusion of subtitles on each video. These subtitles enable students of all ages and ability to study a wide range of K-12 curriculum subjects while at the same time using them to improve their reading and literacy skills.

    By providing each student with the ability to learn by watching, listening to, or reading each presentation, Zane's Visual Learning solution caters for the widest range of Learning Styles, while at the same time providing for a wide range of special needs - notably including those 1 in 7 students that suffer from some form of dyslexia or reading difficulty.

    While the visual delivery of K-12 curriculum content is of significant value to children and students in the classroom, it also offers those children and students being home educated - and a wide range of special needs kids, many benefits that cannot be found in using a textbook. 

    Zane also provides significant benefits to those students learning English as a Second Language by virtue of the fact that the use of English subtitles provides them with the ability to develop and improve those English Language Skills at the same time they are learning those K-12 curriculum subjects at school.

    Over the last 20 years a significant amount of successful research has been carried out into the link between the use of subtitling on video and the ability to improve children's reading and literacy skills, and in January 2013 the Department of Education in the US finally published their first official research document on the subject. You can view this document here:


    If you want to get a better idea of the significance of the use of subtitling on video in the global education market, then here is a video of Brij Kothari being recognized for his work in this area by ex-US President Bill Clinton


  • Q) How does Zane Education compare with other companies that provide online video?

    A) The results of a recent study of the main online educational video providers - and the services they do and don't provide, has been used to publish comparison charts that are available to view at the following link:


    Not only is Zane Education the only educational service provider that provides fully subtitled video, most of the educational video companies only provide the video on its own, and certainly none of the supplemental resources that make Zane Education a complete online visual learning solution.

  • Q) Why are your Math videos free?

    A) We provide the Math videos free of charge because they are not subtitled. In addition to this they do belong to us and are only provided as a convenience to our members. For these same reasons we also do not provide Lesson Planning Guides or Quizzes for them. We will continue to make these Math videos available at no cost until we have completed the development of our own Math videos.

  • Q) What is the first thing I should do after completing a free Registration, and/or purchasing a Subscription?

    A) Go to our free downloads page at the following link and download a Getting Started Guide, a User Guide of your choice, and a Topic/video catalogue. Using the information provided in these publications will ensure that you and you children and students will receive the greatest benefits from the resources that we provide.


  • Q) I am potentially interested in your educational resources, can you provide a free trial so that I can see what I am purchasing?

    A) We do not offer free trials because with the exception of the subtitled videos, all of the resources on our website are already free for people to use after they have completed the free Registration process.

    This same free Basic Membership also enables the Registered user to watch a shortened demo of each video. You can also watch a full video by using the following link to go to our free video-of-the day.


  • Q) Is there anywhere we can view one of your full videos without before purchasing a subscription?

    A) Yes, please use the following link to go to our free video-of-the day.


  • Q) What are additional benefits of purchasing an Annual subscription instead of a Monthly subscription?

    A) The main benefit of the Annual Membership is that when you purchase an annual subscription you are only charged for 11 months and receive the 12th month free.

    The best value for money is provided by the 12 Month Gold Membership subscription which also provides you with the 1 month free PLUS 2 free publications worth $100 - those being the Christian Home Learning Guide and the Zane Education Learning Guide and Video Catalogue - which normally sell for $49.95 each.

  • Q) How can I see and select which topics and videos are for different ages and grade levels?

    A) When you go into the videos section of the website look in the left hand column and you will see the Subjects menu. Located directly under that is the Grade Selection Tool under the heading "Videos By Grade". This enables you to identify those Topics/Videos for Elementary School, Middle school, High School, College and Adult learning.

    An alternative way to identify Topics/Videos by Age or Grade is to go to the following link for our Downloads page and Download a physical copy of our Topic/Video catalogue which will enable you to browse the entire video library while offline.


  • Q) Does Zane Education provide a structured online learning program like companies like K12 Inc.?

    A) No, unlike companies like K12 Inc., that provide significantly more expensive structured on-paper courses, we provide all of the content and material you would need to study those same curriculum-aligned topics, but you chose when and how you wish to study each topic. To contrast what we provide - the companies like K12 are similar to actually being in school where a rigid structure is adopted, whereas Zane Education is like the library that provides all of the necessary content and material for you to subscribe to on-demand, as and when you require it - at a fraction of the price. 

    This is the primary reason why more and more Home Educators and Homeschoolers are using Zane Education. We provide a much more flexible way for children to learn and which is significantly more affordable enabling a family to educate the entire family for less than $200 per year.

  • Q) Please explain the easiest way to navigate your website? 

    A) The easiest and simplest way to navigate our website is to consider our website as having 3 separate areas; our Video library, our Quiz Library and the Study Center. Access to those 3 parts of our website is through the 3 buttons using those names located on the top right hand corner of every page on our website. 

    In both the Video and Quiz sections of the website, you first select the subject using the menu in the left hand column, then you can drill down into each particular sub-category of that subject by scrolling down the page until you see the menu located in the central column at the bottom of the page.

    In addition to that please go to the bottom of each page to see a menu providing links to all other parts of our website.

  • Q) Can I get a catalogue of all the subjects and curriculum topics that you provide?

    A) Yes, certainly! Go to our free downloads page using the following link and identify the particular document you are looking for and click on the relevant link to download it to your computer.


  • Q) Do you provide a Getting Started or User Guide?

    A) Yes, certainly! We provide both a detailed Getting Started Guide and a selection of User Guides to meet a range of specific learning requirements.

    To access these please go to our free downloads page using the following link and identify the particular document you are looking for and click on the relevant link to download it to your computer.


  • Q) How can I check my child's progress using your resources?

    A) Firstly - and particularly if you are homeschooling - you can use the Downloadable Study Tracking Sheets that are freely available for you to download in the Study Centre. As well as using these to keep a record of what topics are studied, they enable you to plan out a daily/weekly or monthly study schedule for your student or child that provides a carefully planned structure to ensure you do not overload or under-utilize your child’s study times. 

    These Study Tracking Sheets enable you to keep and maintain a manual record of everything your child does on the website using our resources from what topics they study and when they use each video, to recording the results of each quiz, and which of the supplemental activities detailed in the Lesson Planning Guides have been used to help study and learn each topic.

    In addition to this, if you scroll down in your member’s area, you will find a list of all the topics and videos available per subject. Beside each video that you have access to under your subscription, you will see a Grey Star. That becomes a Gold Star once that video has been watched and used the first time.

  • Q) I am having trouble finding particular pages on your website. Can you help please?

    A) Please go to the bottom of each page to see a menu providing links to all other parts of our website.

  • Q) Where do I find the page with your free educational video-of-the-day?

    A) You can locate our free educational video-of-the-day using the following link:


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