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HomeSchool and Home Education Questions

  • Q) Why and how does Zane Education provide Home Educators and Homeschoolers with an improved and more effective way of learning compared to what has been provided to home educators by other companies

    A) Most homeschoolers have traditionally educated their children in the past using a traditional on paper "curriculum" that is used once and then usually discarded or thrown away. Using this system you can easily end up spending anywhere between $10 and $40 for each curriculum topic.

    Zane Education now provides those homeschoolers with an ondemand, online Visual Learning solution that provides an entire video library of online curriculum which is a much improved, more flexible and much more effective and interesting way of learning for their children, and which is available to educate the entire family regardless of the number of children, at a price of less than $200 per year.

    Rather than using paper and text, which is generally a wasteful and much less stimulating way of learning, we provide that same content using online video, downloadable Lesson Planning Guides, online study tools to support the learning of each topic, and the online interactive quizzes for testing. We even provide downloadable tracking sheets to enable parents and teachers to keep and maintain a record of what each child is studying, and when they studied it.

    Once most parents and teachers have experienced the difference Visual Learning can make to their children's interest in learning and their improved ability to learn, they are amazed and seldom ever go back to the use of the text book as the primary form of delivering information to their children. Visual Learning also provides a very effective form of learning that also benefits many educational situations described as being Special Needs, and Dyslexia is a prime example of this.

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