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Special Needs Questions

  • Q) I can see on your website that you have different programs for different types of Special Needs Students. Can you explain how they should be used for each type of Special Needs requirement?

    A) We do not provide programs for different types of Special Needs. We provide a visual Learning based solution that provides the material for learning a range of different curriculum topics. The difference lies in how those resources should be used for each different type of Special Need.

    For example the child with Dyslexia simply needs to be provided with the means of absorbing the material visually rather than having to read, whereas a child with Learning Difficulties might simply need to find a particular topic that they are interested in to stimulate the desire to learn. 

    For this reason we have published a wide selection of User Guides suggesting the best way to use the resources we provide to provide a solution for each particular child or student.

    Please use the following link to visit our Downloads page where you can select and freely download the User Guide that best suits your requirement:


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