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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page where we have answers to some of the more common questions we get asked.


Most Commonly Asked Questions

  • Q) I have just purchased a subscription and I cannot get the videos to run?

    A) If you have purchased a subscription and are having a problem with the videos not downloading and displaying correctly, please follow the Checklist information below in Points 1 - 5, in order. This will provide your solution in 99% of of cases. But before starting please be aware that in most cases this problem is caused by the User not being Logged-In correctly. Please note that both your Username and Password are case-sensitive and you can always check that you are Logged-In correctly by seeing at the top right hand corner of any page where you will see the welcome "Hi Your Username".

    1: Firstly, we always recommend that you use the Firefox browser because it causes the least problems.

    The most problematic browsers to use are Google Chrome and Safari. Internet Explorer (or Edge on Win 10) is reasonable, but certainly Firefox is the most reliable.

    2: 99% of computers already have the Adobe Flash Player that you need installed. If you believe you don't, then it is a simple free download at:


    NOTE: If you are using an Apple mobile device like an iPad or iPhone, you will require the use of an App. The App we recommend can be located and downloaded using the following link.


    3: Next, using the Firefox browser, please go to our Free-Video-of-The-Day Page using the following link. You do NOT need to Login using this video.


    If the video screen appears blank, click anywhere on the video screen and a small Popup screen will appear in the left top right hand corner of your computer screen asking if you will allow the website to run using Adobe Flash. Click on the "Allow Now" choice.

    If you then see the video appear, you then simply click on the video screen to start the video running. If you now have the video operating you can then Login using your Username and Password and proceed.

    4: The single most common cause of the videos not playing is caused by a user not being Logged-In correctly. Please Note that both the Username and Password are case-sensitive.

    You can always check that you are Logged-In correctly by seeing at the top right hand corner of any page where you will see the welcome "Hi Your Username".

    5: If you are continuing to experience any issues using Firefox - especially the latest versions, then it is just a matter of adjusting a setting in the browser. The way to make that settings change for each browser is detailed on the page using the following link. (Please Note that the Edge option, is the latest replacement for Internet Explorer, and you should have that installed on your PC first - it is used with Windows 10)


    If you are still having problems with a video downloading and playing - and have been though this Checklist and using our Free-Video-of-The-Day Page as mentioned above, then please contact us using out Contact Page. Please ensure that you have given us a Contact Phone Number we can use on your Membership page, and provide the name of - or link to, the particular video(s) giving you the problem.

  • Q) I am having problem Logging into my account?

    A) Both the Username and Password that you originally selected are both case-sensitive. The single greatest problem any of our users have logging into their accounts is because they are not aware of this case-sensitivity.

  • Q) I did not receive my email with the link to validate my Registration?

    A) If you have not received that email containing the Validation Link which is automatically emailed to you when you submit your Registration, then firstly please check to see if this email is in your spam folder.  

    Secondly if you are a teacher at a school, we often find that the person responsible for securing the computers in the school has made the network so secure that emails are not even being able to get to those teachers that have requested them. 

    So we suggest that you speak to that person and advise them that you are not receiving emails.

    If you still cannot locate it then please use our contact page to contact us and ask for assistance, ensuring to provide your name and the email address you used. 

  • Q) I need to cancel my subscription. How can I do that please? Can you cancel my subscription for me?

    A) It is very simple and straight forward to cancel your subscription, but it can only be done by you as the account holder because we do not keep or retain any of your payment details for security purposes.

    To cancel your account, you simply go to the Zane Education website and Login. Once you have successfully completed your Login, you will automatically find yourself in your Members area. 

    Located in the centre of the page is a section entitled "CANCEL A SUBSCRIPTION" . Underneath it is a link entitled "Members Subscription Cancellation page".

    When you click on that link you are provided with a short, clear set of instructions about how you can immediately cancel your subscription"  

    The cancellation of your subscription takes place immediately, however you will still retain the use of the service for that subscription for which you previously paid - until that time expires.

  • Q) I have a question or technical problem what should I do?

    A) So as to ensure you can access the information or assistance in the fastest amount of time, please firstly check that the answer or information is not already provided in one of these Frequently Asked Questions.

    If it isn't then use our contact page to send your question to us. Alternatively feel free to contact us using the telephone number provided on our Contact page. We give Technical Support the highest priority and will always attempt answer all messages and calls within 6 hours, no matter where in the world you are located.

    Please ensure that if you want us to return your telephone call that you provide a contact number that you will answer. The single greatest cause of us not being able to provide an answer or solution are those people that provide a contact number but then do not answer it when we ring. In such situations we will always leave a message to say we have called, but many people fail to check their voicemails. So please, make it easy as possible for us to help you. 

  • Q) What is the best browser to use to view the videos and use the quizzes?

    A) We find that both the Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers are usually the most reliable internet browsers. Try avoiding using the Safari or Chrome Browsers as both have bugs in them because they are constantly being updated. 

  • Q) Can I use your resources on an Apple Mac, iPod, Tablet and other mobile devices?

    A) Yes you can use our videos and other resources on an Apple Mac computer, but you do need a reasonably recent version of the free Adobe Flash player installed.

    Thanks to Apple deliberately blocking the use of Flash video on the iPad, you will need an App to access our resources on an iPad. The best App that we recommend for this purpose is available at the following link:


    You should be able to otherwise use our videos and quizzes on any tablet or cellphone that enables the use of Flash video.

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