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Understanding The Ocean video

Use online video to study the the oceans and the ocean forces that shape land and sea. Use the video subtitles to improve Reading and Literacy skills .... simultaneously!

Use these Junior Science videos entitled Understanding The Oceans for students and kids to study the forces that shape land and sea, and learn about the importance of tides and ocean currents..

Use our 4 online educational videos to discover basic principles of the oceans and oceanography. Examine the forces that created and continue to shape land and sea. Learn about the structure of oceans, the resources they contain, and the importance of tides and ocean currents. Discover why water is one of the most life sustaining substances on the earth, and realize the importance of preserving the earth's oceanic environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a basic knowledge of the principles of oceanography.
  • Learn the importance of water to all life on Earth.
  • Investigate the floor of the sea and how it was formed.
  • Survey the basic economic issues relating to the oceans.
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The Oceans