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Rhythm And Melody

Use online video to study the concepts of Rhythm And Melody in music. Use the video subtitles to improve Reading and Literacy skills .... simultaneously!

Use this video series on Music Appreciation entitled Rhythm And Melody for kids to study and explore the music concepts of rhythm And melody and the role they play in music. Using this online video title, live music, archival pictures, and recorded sound from different eras of musical history, musician and educator Stephen Titra explains the musical concepts of rhythm and melody.

This video is as entertaining musically as it is informative. Titra uses melodic examples to connect musical ideas to science, history, art, and even fashion. Define key musical terms and use them in context. Describe how technology has improved musical instruments. Describe how the elements of classical music, especially rhythm and melody, have changed throughout history. Distinguish among the works of important classical composers.

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Rhythm And Melody