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Mar 2012

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Zane Publishing Educational Software Now Available Online

If you were a teacher, student, homeschool parent or child at any time between 1995 and 2000 you may well recognise the name Zane Publishing, and this would be because Zane Publishing quickly became an established Brand in the K-12 education market during that time as one of the largest educational software publishers in America.

Unlike many of the educational software publishers at that time they chose not to focus their efforts simply on the core curriculum of Math, Reading and Writing. Instead they developed more than 260 educational CD-ROM titles specifically to teach a comprehensive range of  K-12 curriculum subjects that also included Art, Music, History, Literature, Geography, Science, Biology, Health and Sex Education, Social Sciences, Library Skills and Religious Studies.

Not only did they produce material developed specifically to teach the K12 curriculum, they also developed a resource of over 23,000 multiple-choice questions to provide testing for each of those 260 curriculm topics – currently the largest testing and assessment resource still available – with every correct or incorrect answer being explained so as to ensure that the learning process continued.

The primary concept behined Zane Publishing’s educational software was to ensure that each child was able to study at their own speed thereby enabling each child to achieve their greatest potential. But the academic importance of this educational software was highlighted by the fact that every single  visual presentation was subtitled – otherwise known as closed captions – which ensured that each child had the ability to watch, listen to, or read each presentation. Not only did this mean that the educational material provided for the widest range of Learning Styles – as subsequent research has successfully shown – the availability of subtitles enabled each student to improve their reading and literacy skills as they studied each curriculum topic.

But this article is not intended to be a history lesson. The demand for Zane Publishing’s educational software continues to this day, and we receive a steady stream of enquiries wanting to know where upgraded versions of these educational software titles can be purchased that will run on the latest version of the Windows and Apple Mac operating systems. 

But Zane Publishing was sold in 2000 and the new owners quickly identified the potential problems caused by the constant changes to those operating systems. The solution was to deliver all of that valuable content online.  Now after 4 years preparation work, all of that educational material is now available online here at Zane Education.

Upgrades to the CD-ROM’s have not been available since 2000, however now teachers, schools, homeschool families, students, Special Needs Education families and even ESL students, can access and use all of Zane Publishing’s educational software online.

And the news gets even better! No longer are customers forced to decide which individual CD-ROM titles they wish to purchase at prices of $14.99 – $19.00 per topic. Instead Zane Education’s ondemand subscription system provides online subscription prices that enable customers to subscribe to their use on a monthly or annual basis, starting from as low as $8.99 per month. And the days of installation problems are all gone!

And Zane has gone further still to maximise the value of this curriculum content for teachers, parents, students, homeschoolers, special education and ESL students. Accompanying what is now the most comprehensive subtitles online educational video library, is interactive testing for each topic, free lesson plans for each curriculum topic, interactive study tools to ensure that each video topic can be thoroughly studied and investigated, and a comprehensive range of freely downloadable User Guides for a wide rabge of different student and teaching requirements to ensure that each user receives the greatest academic and educational benefits from the online visual learning solution provided.

And just in case you may have seen what appear to be similar educational software tiles ….

During the period following 2000 Zane Publishing licensed a limited number of their educational software titles to companies that traded as Fogware, Fogware Software, Fogware Publishing, , Innovative Knowledge, UFillitup, who in turn provided those titles under brands that included WR, Weekly Reader, Academic Fitness, Mastering Series, Student Home Learning System and Fogware Learning System.

So if you are one of those previous purchasers of  educational software CD-ROM titles that will now no longer operate on the newer operating systems – for brands that include: Fogware, Fogware Software, Fogware Publishing, , Innovative Knowledge, UFillitup, WR, Weekly Reader, Academic Fitness, Mastering Series, Student Home Learning System and Fogware Learning System – and for which no upgrades may exist – you will likely find all of that educational material here on the Zane Education website, with the exception of Math material.


PLEASE NOTE:  Zane Publishing Inc., Zane Interactive Publishing Inc., and Zane Education are now all separately owned companies and are not affiliated with, nor have no relationship or involvement with, nor have any claim to those brands or brandnames that include Fogware, Fogware Software, Fogware Publishing, , Innovative Knowledge, UFillitup, WR, Weekly Reader, Academic Fitness, Mastering Series, Student Home Learning System, Fogware Learning System. Instead these are simply brands or brandnames that have at one time or another may have had that name marked upon software titles that were originally developed by Zane Publishing Inc.

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