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Jun 2012

Learning Support for the Dyslexic Child

Online Teaching for Dyslexia Students & Providing Help with Learning for Dyslexic Children

Zane Education is currently one of the few online learning and education companies providing effective and affordable online learning support for Dyslexic children and students.

They offer an educational resource for Dyslexic students and children with Dyslexia provided a page entitled School for Dyslexia Online especially for parents and teachers of Dyslexic children that introduces the benefits of their Visual Learning solution that delivers curriculum-based material visually – and not simply text-based.

Using what is currently the largest online library of educational subtitled video developed specifically for the teaching of the k-12 curriculum, Zane Education provide the perfect solution for teaching dyslexic children and students, using an effective form of Visual Learning that eradicates the need to read, to learn.

In this day an age it is rather ridiculous that a child should virtually need to have to learn another language – that of text – as a precursor to any form of learning or education. And this is especially the case when you consider that such a high percentage of children with one form of Dyslexia or another, are often extremely bright and intelligent kids.

The use of online educational video provides the perfect online learning resource for teaching children with dyslexia.