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May 2014

History can teach us much ….and at the same time reveal business opportunity

Opening my email this morning reveals news of an Ed-Tech “startup” that has just filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy after having received in excess of $50m in funding. It’s hardly surprising when the amount of money injected into this part of the education market has been so significant in the last two years.

The education market is a strange beast with no clearly-defined routes to market for the provider of a service or product, particularly when that service or product is delivered online.

On one end of the spectrum we have the teachers and schools (mistakenly thought of by many as the core of the education market) with limited budgets, and on the other end we have a variety of educationally related products and services – many of which closely resemble each other, looking to access those very limited education budgets. Yet unlike many other industries, the marketing conduit between the supplier and the market is both ill-defined and expensive to use, especially when exposure is largely limited to either costly face-to-face representation, or costly media advertising options. (more…)

May 2012

Study The American West Using Online Video

A Review of The American West using Online Subtitled Video

Review Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Using these online subtitled videos to study and learn about The American West, you’ll explore and discover how the belief in Manifest Destiny and the dreams of fortune-seekers forged the western frontier and understand the hardships faced by settlers on the frontier.

Zane Education’s library of online educational video includes a comprehensive range of History topics, and today we review the topic of The American West.

The American West is a curriculum-based topic intended for students of 11 years and older up to those of Adult age, or Grades 5 and upwards.

May 2012

African American Cultural Heritage on Online Video

A Review of Studying African American Cultural Heritage Using Educational Video

Using these online subtitled videos to study and learn about the Cultural Heritage of the African American, you’ll survey the contributions of African Americans to literature, art, and music from the 18th century to the present day and gain a greater appreciation for their cultural contributions.

Jul 2010

Video Review: World History: The Causes of World War I

This Topic is found on the Zane Education website under the Category History>20th Century World History> and comprises two K12 educational video titles: ‘From the Assassination’ and ‘To the Armistice’. Together these videos examine the world events of the early twentieth century that culminated in history’s first truly global conflict.

The two videos cover the following learning objectives:

  • Explain why the Austro-Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia, thus sparking World War I.
  • Survey the political, economic, and social effects of the nineteenth-century industrialization of the Continent, and discuss the reasons for the emergence of nationalist ideology as a dominant political force in Europe during the nineteenth century.
  • Discuss the reasons why colonial rule was so important to Europe’s imperialist powers.
  • Examine how the complex tensions resulting from nationalism and imperialist rivalries incited the formation of alliances and accelerated the arms race among European powers.
  • Explore how the imperialist rivalries and runaway nationalism that gripped Europe in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century culminated in the outbreak of World War I.
  • Compare the political goals of nations that entered World War I with the war’s outcome.

Features: (more…)