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Psychology and Sociology

Study Psychology & Sociology using Online Video

A selection of 40 of our online psychology and sociology videos provides mature, middle and upper school and homeschool students with the opportunity to study psychology and sociology.

Study the major areas of psychology taking a journey through the human mind to learn how we think, feel, and behave, while focusing on the underlying questions about human nature. Learn why psychology is a dynamic and ever-changing discipline and examine a wide range of topics including the discovery and function of neurons, the development of phobias, and the concept of stress in historical context.

Learn about the major methods, theories, and findings in the field of sociology. Study the origins of sociology and how the logic of science is used to study human society. Study four models of social organization by Emile Durkheim, Karl Marx, Max Weber, and Gerhard and Jean Lenski. Examine the five major components of culture and see how social inequality exists among social classes, races, genders, and age groups.

After watching these online videos students can then use our online interactive quizzes to discover what they have learnt and strengthen their understanding of the subject.

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