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Criminal Language

Study Workings of Criminals using Online Video

With this title, you'll learn the inner workings of criminals and the criminal justice system by examining the lingo of criminals and police.

This online educational video title reveals more than 16,000 current and historic words and phrases used by the forensic scientists, drug and prison cultures, the media, and by criminals themselves. Thousands of words not found in other dictionaries are given solid definitions, etymology, and usage.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the meaning and usage of more than 16,000 current and historic words and phrases used by police, detectives, forensic scientists, criminologists, and criminals.
  • Discover the criminal origins of words and phrases such as "sucker" and "ace in the hole".
  • Survey the linguistic history of crime as well as factual accounts of assassinations, murders, organized crime, con artists and confidence games, and western lawmen and outlaws.
  • Learn about the history of criminal language through the eyes of award-winning true-crime writer Jay Robert Nash, who compiled this encyclopedia and is the author and narrator of the introductory presentation.
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