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Con Artists Games

Study the Secrets of Con Artists using Online Video

This online educational video topic exposes the secrets of the world's most treacherous con artists.

You'll be intrigued by tales of fraud, embezzlement and factual accounts that seem too incredible to believe. Learn about the woman who bilked N.Y. bankers out of millions by posing as Andrew Carnegie's illegitimate daughter, the fleecing of Henry Ford with a pill claimed to turn water into gasoline and the swindling of Germany's Stern magazine with the false dairies of Adolf Hitler.

Learning Objectives:

  • Survey factual accounts of frauds perpetrated by notorious con artists, including Charles Ponzi, namesake of the Ponzi scheme; Cassie Chadwick, who bilked New York bankers by posing as Andrew Carnegie's illegitimate daughter; and "Big Mike" McDonald, coiner of the phrase "There's a sucker born every minute".
  • Trace the motives and methods of con artists throughout history, from the cheating of Esau's birthright by Jacob as it is recounted in the Bible to the bilking of Stern magazine with the false diaries of Adolph Hitler.
  • Learn about scams committed by con artists through the eyes of award-winning true-crime writer Jay Robert Nash, who compiled this encyclopedia and is the author and narrator of the introductory presentation.
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