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Getting to know Elementary Science using Online Video

A selection of 30 of our online Elementary Science videos provides elementary-school and homeschool students with the opportunity to learn about a basic science program. Each title introduces a lovable character who takes your child on a trip through the world of plants, the animal kingdom, the solar system, the earth, and the human body.

Learn about the Animal Kingdom including Fish, Insects, Birds, Mammals and more, with the Plant videos teaching about Plant Food, Flowers, Tree, and Familiar and Unfamiliar Plants.

Our videos that teach about The Earth introduce younger students to Rocks and Minerals, the Oceans, the Mountains, the Deserts, the Air and the Atmosphere and Rain and Clouds.

With The Solar System you child will be introduced to the Stars, the Planets, the Earth, the Moon and Space Flight, and The Human Body videos introduces The Digestive System, Blood, Blood Vessels and the Heart, The Respiratory System, The Nervous System, Bones and Muscle and Eyes and Ears.

Your child can then use our online interactive quizzes to discover what they have learnt and strengthen their understanding of the subject.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in the Science section please look through the BIOLOGY section.

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