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Matrices and Determinants

Study Determinants using Online Video

ZaneEducation provides a selection of 13 Determinants videos online for K12 curriculum middle school, high school and college students, homeschool students and home educators studying 3x3 Determinant, nxn Determinant, Determinants Along Other Rows or Columns, Rule of Sarrus of Determinants, Determinant When Row Multiplied by Scalar, Scalar Multiplication of Row, Determinant When Row is Added, Duplicate Row Determinant, Determinant after Row Operations, Upper Triangular Determinant, Simpler 4x4 Determinant, Determinant and Area of a Parallelogram and Determinant as Scaling Factor.

Teachers and schools will also find these K12 online Linear Algebra videos valuable for use in the classroom.

Please Note: All Math videos are provided free of charge, they are not subtitled, and we do not provide quizzes for any Math videos at this time.

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