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Imaginative Narrative Story Writing

Use this online video writing tutorial to study the story Kidnapped as an example of imaginative, narrative writing. Use the video subtitles to improve Reading and Literacy skills .... simultaneously!

Use this Literature and Writing Tutorials video entitled Teaching Imaginative Narrative Story Writing to study the imaginative, narrative style of writing through excerpts from Kidnapped, Robert Louis Stevenson's popular novel.

This online educational video title offers excerpts from Robert Louis Stevenson's popular novel, Kidnapped, in its study of the imaginative/narrative mode of writing. It also provides beautiful illustrations by the renowned artist N.C. Wyeth, which originally appeared in the "Illustrated Classics" series of the early twentieth century.

Learning Objectives:

  • Develop imaginative/narrative writing skills, which use exact, carefully selected details; well-chosen words that appeal to the senses and show specific actions; comparisons that enhance descriptions; transitions; ordering; balance; climactic scenes; and suspense, all to make the imaginary appear real to the reader.
  • Gain insight to Robert Louis Stevenson's use of imaginative/narrative writing in his classic novel 'Kidnapped' through excerpts that show the author's development of suspense and his masterful portrayal of action, contrasts, details, and themes.
  • Learn how to use the same method of imaginative/narrative writing as that exemplified in 'Kidnapped' for the creation of fictional stories from beginning to end Appreciate the artistry of the renowned illustrator N.C. Wyeth
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